My name is Sangita Biswas and I am a marriage and family therapist. Welcome to my practice. I counsel and provide therapy to individuals, couples, and families from diverse cultural backgrounds.

I am from India and I migrated to this country over two decades ago. As I went through my own acculturation journey, facing challenges both common and unique, I feel I can hold the space for those who like me moved from their country of origin to make a new life in another country. Raising a child here I understand how parents struggle when parenting approaches clash. The safe space I help create in my practice helps clients recognize their own individual blueprints around relationships that were created through early experiences and they then receive the support to update it.

I work extensively with the South Asian community advocating how therapy works and the benefits of engaging in this work before it gets too late. Seeking therapy in a collectivist culture is not common but as we now live lives away from most of our support groups we all need to seek new forms of support. Therapy allows each individual and family to unpack all the challenges they are facing, understand why methods they have been applying are not working, and learn new skills to help them reach the solutions they are seeking.

I am often asked what I would be if I was not a therapist. I would be an artist. For decades I have trained in various art forms and I continue to pursue it as my best form of self-care.

So when you decide to embark on your own journey of mental health wellness my space will be there to help you.


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"To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly"

- Henri Bergson -

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"Sangita Biswas is that rare blend of keen analytical insight and intuitive empathic connection. She is an asset to her clients and a generous support to her colleagues. I'm grateful to have Sangita in my life."
Howard Scott Warshaw LMFT
"I have had the pleasure of working with Sangita Biswas as a group facilitator, community educator, and therapist, for the past three years. She has an amazing capacity to understand a client's lens, respond with profound compassion and unravel complex needs into simple, manageable steps. She relates easily and professionally with all age groups and strives to approach every individual as a unique being with their own special needs. She also brings the sensitivity of cultural competency and warmth for her South Asian clients. I recommend her highly as a therapist and a community educator."
Shailaja Dixit
Co-Founder and Executive Director / Rewire Community

If you decide to take the next step and explore the option of therapy for the challenges you are facing, I am available for a free 20 minute phone consultation. This will allow you to get some idea about who I am and how I work. It will also help us lay the foundation of a strong therapeutic relationship.

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